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How to transfer data to another PC

There are two options for transfering data (drills, practise plans).

  • Using local storage device (just export data to USB disc and import from USB disc on another PC)

  • Using DrillBook Cloud.

DrillBook Cloud

1/ Set User name and Shared Password in Settings page. Password is not encrypted and is shared with user whom you wont to offer your data.

2/ Open Tools – Export Manager and select module, Category and Subcategory.

3/ Click to the drills in left panel, which you need to export and use Add to export. Holding Ctrl you can select more drills, using Ctrl+A you can select all drills. These drills will shown in right panel.

4/ Use Share button, fill shared Password and thats it. (Use Export button for local storage)

5/ Use Tools – Import Manager for import data to another PC.

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